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MaidenNames.Org is the perfect website for social networking and contacting your long lost friends from the past. Simply register as a member, update your profile as completely as possible and search for a friend, as they can for you.

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MaidenNames.Org is designed to contact your old friends from the past and keep in touch with them. You can start a group by using your old school, college or university name as a basis, and encourage others to join up.

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There are several categories of FAQ's to address any issues you may have before contacting us or posting a forum entry. Here are two of their main types:

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Helps newly registered members to understand why the different fields on their profile are required.

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Maiden Names Information

  • I have always wondered... +

    about a number of girls with whom I went to primary school now over 55 years ago. Maybe they can find their way here and we can catch up!
  • Why Maiden Names Australia? +

    The idea for this site came from a friend's realisation that many females lose a lot of friends from their early lives because only their maiden names are then known Read More
  • Contact Us +

    Have a question about privacy, what you can do with our site, or how you can track down your special friend? Read More
  • Register Now +

    MaidenNames.Org is a site where we encourage ladies to register their maiden names, for people from their past to find them again. Read More
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